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through, especially today. the fed is pumping action of billions of dollars in the market every month. the same time they're staying low or longer or slower longer which is an inflationary message . liz: again, people still look at that as a safety play, and i don't know if they should. >> because of the deflationary aspect we won't see inflation in the short term. deflationary in the short term. you could see that up to one and a quarter or below one. be careful about getting in front of that. it happens later than sooner. we have to worry about deflationary. liz: i should have been clearer when i said, are they fully yen. what i meant was fully engaged. watching the news flow, reading the new york times and the "wall street journal" to make sure they are on top of the fiscal cliff story. hard to go on vacation. >> absolutely. held in late now. more rhetoric than answers. we need more direction and tangible news so we can go forward. liz: that's higher. people have not even heard mention that it becomes the sort of holiday driving season. people get in the cargo visit their grandpare
like outside days and offside gaps. that was a key reversal. we also saw somewhat similar action around the thanksgiving. in 2011. i believe that this rally is genuine. we will need to hold on a monthly closing basis the 1400 plus. where would the charts the? if we take a look, at that horizontal line, you will notice that the outline correspond to keys peak. by taking an aerial view of the markets, sometimes they could offer potential clues. as long as we remain above this 1400 area on a monthly closing basis, we are building a potentially attractive base. ashley: the s&p up 114% since the bottom of march 2009. now, is that a little longing the tooth, as far as a rally? >> i still do not see any cavities. i might add, initial support for the s&p above 1400 on a weekly close. secondary supporters a little closer to the 1360-70 area. if we take if things like momentum indices, if we take a look at other technical indicators, i believe overall, as i said this weekend in my piece, the bullish resume is better than the bearish resume. there is always something, ashley. ashley: we have volat
public advocate bill believe you. ; ram your hand. told a. >> i send this to initiate divestment actions from all five city pension funds with combined assets of $115 billion and it is time to get out of the gun industry. i said as a parent and public servant. this is a watershed moment in american history. it is tragic that it took this to bring us to the understanding we had to change things the weekend along with business as usual. the fact this tragic young man had access to a legal military grade assault rifle says it all. pension-funds around this country, and $80 million in investment in the gun industry unfortunately have added to this normalcy of the situation. time to change that. liz: these are for firefighters, and police officers, teachers -- [talking over each other] liz: have you heard from teachers? >> i have heard from all sorts of new yorkers who think it is time for a change. if not now, when? michael bloomberg has been on target calling for changes in the federal legislation and pushing the president would the president needs to be pushed but there's something else we
that action is necessary. i can report that we reached an agreement on all of the tax issues. >> obviously that was not the president. that was the republican leader has been negotiating with vice-president biden to get this thing done, get a from work done behalf of the president. >> it seems that those two were getting some action done. >> this is the way it has worked with these last minute deals, the debt ceiling and others. longtime friends. they knew each other obviously in the senate. more than 20 years. and so he said yesterday he could not get anything done with the democratic leader harry reid and needed to find a willing dance partner. he said he was going to call joe biden. that was about 24 hours ago. liz: right now the markets are very close to session highs with the belief that something is going to happen. we take it right now to the rotunda where rich edson has been all day long sinking his nails into lawmakers. tell us to you have, what you're talking about, what you were hearing. >> this is the framework of the deal they're discussing right now. as just detailed, the aut
[inaudible] >> the action taken -- >> given those actions it will be three years until you achieve your goals. is the message to people who are unemployed basically we're doing all we can? is this the conclusion that given that balance of factors this is the most we can expect? >> first of all, the projections you are looking at is based on each -- this is not committed collective production. what they are is 19 separate participants making their own projections based on their own views of optimal policy so for example includes those folks who think we shouldn't be doing any more purchases and their forecasts are included as well. it is not exactly apples-apples comparison. but it is true that if we could wave a magic wand and get unemployment down to 5% tomorrow we would do that but there are constraints in terms of the dynamics of the economy, in terms of the power of these tools and in terms of the fact that we do need to take into account the possibility of other costs and risks that might be associated with a large expansion of our balance sheet. [inaudible] >> just following
to get in on the action. lance robert, the ceo of street talk advisers, find out why he thinks stocks are better with consistent returns and pay healthy diff denldz. makes sense. his top picks coming up next in a fox business exclusive. ♪ ashley: face call cliff, fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff, that's three more times, holding stocks hostage, down fifth day in a row. energy stocks notably weak again today. six down days in a row so check out the energy select spider exchange traded fund. it's xle, and it's basically a proxy for the energy complex, oil producers, service providers, pipeline operators, and xle, as you see, up 1.25%. in terms of the individual names, exxon mobile down 1.5%. chevron down 1.5%. total down 2%. conoco phillips 1%. red arrows across the board. congressional leaders meeting at the white house right now, and there is -- the question is is there any chance there's a deal before we hit the cliff, or do we just hunker down and wait for spring? gosh, i hope not. lance roberts, ceo of street talk, joining me in a fox business exclusive. lance, thank you. look, they ar
and understand the needs to learn the consequences of his actions, helping him with his wife when football or college is over with. have an impact like that, i can't imagine another field of endeavor that is more rewarding than having that kind of impact on the young man. you would know that from raising your family and as they get older that is what i'm trying to do. liz: i am proud of you. you are really an example. it is never too late to go for that dream. congratulations. >> that means so much to me, thank you so much. liz: thank you ag, happy holidays. >> you got a birthday coming up. liz: i do. thanks for reminding me. the tenth annual twenty-nine cabarrus they. td ameritrade chairman and coach of the coastal carolina, we will be back in just a minute. we are holding on to these grinding higher moves up 14 points. want to y to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the diffe
getting created. i really wish we would get action. thank you so much, peter. if anything happens, come back and update us. we have breaking news on motorola. if you throw the letter x in front of everyone, everyone gets glittery eyed. a new phone called the x phone. no real details on this. google owns a lot of patents. google stock down 1%, but motorola working on a new iphone and samsung galaxy s-3 it is internally known as though x phone. tortorella has run into some obstacles, but there you are. we have run into gyrations today. stock options, equity options, let's take it to the traders that have been dealing with is that the new york stock exchange cme group. john cortina, what was it like last night? how closely we want to mess with the stock futures dropping precipitously. it's not as bad as it could've been, is that right? >> yes, it's amazing what twitter can provide for you for information. i was at my child's recital and might twitter feed was going on. clearly, we saw a lot about last what happens overnight is that there's not a lot of volume or liquidity. you're going to
, how long we stay there for stock. liz: you start to see some real moves and action at those levels. >> $90, we came right back off. until we get a more infinitive idea of where we are going, that is when you think we will see the build up above $92. until then, we are in a range between 90 and $85. you should just say armageddon on 12 / 12. liz: so great to see you on the floor show. they were simply the best way to get better yields. now more than 200 companies are playing beat the fiscal cliff klock. it is preparing its dividend for the next couple quarters. no dividend from 21322014. we have doctor robert shillman who have several billion shares on this. thank you for joining us. what are you to this decision? >> well, liz, first of all, thank you for having me on the show. the actions we took yesterday, we accelerated the dividend for q4 of 2012, which would normally hhve been paid some time of march and at the same time, we decided it was a good time and i will tell you again why, because of tax elections that we accelerated or prepaid eight set the dividend that would have be
. liz: again, they did not test new software. they put into action and were stuck with bad trades. >> and we are not going to relive that here because that is yesterday's news. today if you're a shareholder, the news as it will win this bid. two sides. i could tell you that i talk to major investors, bailout investors, not the diluted investors, the ones that came in and saved. liz: at the human leg delusion. >> major shareholders were diluted. liz: the ceo. >> of the back of a minute. liz: you tell me not to back up. >> the major investors that i talk to like the get go bid and think there is room for growth because it is part stock. easy to get 350 of this company. i will tell you, that's the executives have been telling people on wall street, they are confident of the winning bid. it when they talk to investors, this is what they're telling people. they have not told me this, both the your telling people, my sources are reporting back to me that their confidence. investors want an all cash bid and would like to catch out. so that is where we are right now. i can only tell you w
about oil today. what have we seen in the action of the oil trade? >> it is more or less follow the leader after we came out with that little stock market rally there i'm looking at the board here we're pushing highs at 91.25. it is more like a vooleyball game. who's serve is it not? it is going back and forth in washington on what kind of plan we'll come up with. i wouldn't be, the volume's been low. i don't think we'll miss a huge move. i've been saying buy 85, sell 90. probably drift a little higher until the end of the year and see what happens going into the new year. ashley: so much uncertainty. thank you so much, gentlemen. we have ben and daniel and mike, thank you for joining us for the floor show. >> thank you. ashley: of course the gentlemen talking about what is going on or not going on in washington, president obama returning to d.c. this morning to pick up with the fiscal cliff talks which are still underway i guess. this morning as our guests have on about talking about, senator harry reid was the latest to say, we're headed right off that cliff. rich edson on cap
the price action in gold. it really gives the feedback. people, you know, maybe a risk on trade. it jumps back to the 17th 04 daily highs. that makes me believe i want to belong before the meeting and at the end of the year where we can hit that 1750 range. cheryl: very interesting. let's head over to the imax. i want to talk about a move that we are seeing in oil. it looks like some bearish signs for oil, in particular, when it comes to terms of supply. >> i think we get to 85 and then rebounds and get back up to the 88-89 level. the fiscal cliff talks not going anywhere yet. during the next two weeks we will start to see some positive remarks. one thing that is very interesting, heat and oil settled in a very weak position. those two coming off could take the energy complex down much further. right now only 85 to 85.10. cheryl: we have plenty of supply out there right now. we are in the middle of winter. >> we have a tremendous amount of supply. we do not have much cold weather coming up near term. once the fiscal cliff starts getting resolved, you will see some buying going on. cheryl:
interesting is the price action has been a bit more bullish than the levels would tell us. it is impressive stocks haven't sold off more. liz: that is an excellent point. look at apple, you might panic and little bit, but $14.26 you tell me there is a resistance and there is a support. what is the resistance, what is the floor? >> would have kind of merge them. marking the top of the rally about a week ago. liz: is that a signal to investors? of what? >> it would be a positive signal. on the converse side of that commie look at the support, 14, 1405. the odds are higher you retest where we visited several months back. let's look at the overall backdrop, the fact despite apple been down 50% over the last two weeks, the fact that the gap has emerged between the s&p and apple is actually pretty interesting stocks aren't down more. stocks have filled the leadership void over the last couple of weeks. liz: what is filling the apple void? >> it is about 50% of the nasdaq 100, to where it goes is important for the overall direction of the market. the fact it is down the last two weeks and stocks a
for the economy to say it is all clear, we will miss most of the price action. we think this is a time to be shopping. ashley: notice on the allocation around the world, the asian investments make up about 21%, or thereabouts of your portfolio. do you expect to be set up as we go down the line? or down the road a little bit? >> we raised japan a little bit. it'll be interesting to see, they're going the opposite direction from europe. and now the prime minister wants to in essence practice stimulus in monetary policy, fiscal policy. it'll be interesting to see how that works out. we think pushing down the yen will be part of it and that has been the big drag on the industry is the currency has stayed high for about three years now. so we will see how that shakes out. ashley: we are already out of time. scout investment chief international equities strategist, likes europe. thank you for joining us. >> a pleasure, good to be here. ashley: the closing bell ringing in about 60 minutes or thereabouts. a conundrum in the gold market if you own the precious metal, you made out like a bandit,
anytime. that's why she trades with the leader in mobile trading. sshe's always ready to take action, no matter how wily... or weird... or wonderfully the market's behaving... which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. liz: this is a case of you had your chance. lastly there was a rumor google might be taking a second chance to buy group on. the social media company with the coupons and deals. analysts are saying today they are throwing cold water on the rumor because into the stocks getting hurt badly down 9%. it has not been a good year down about significantly over the past year from the ipo price f 20. we see how badly it has done. about $21, not good read don't offer to take a look, but the gps company, what a move today up about under a point. part of the reason is that we'll be joining s&p 500, so lots of different money managers now buying that company. lots more ahead, the market went would have to gains of about 20 points. david asman getting ready for "after the bell." david: i am indeed. we don't llke to support rumors less to get some kind o
ready to take action, no matter how wily... or weird... or wonderfully the market's behaving... which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. and the on numbers and today reaction, down about 6%, deutsche bank is cutting the price target from 75 to 65. it is 56 right now. the stock at a new 52 week low. the fourth quarter forecast would be disappointing and that is enough, pretty negative drop as you can see. guess what? david asman not here today, but ashley webster there. ashley: i will try to fill in. a lot of good economic -- third quarter gdp revised up to 3.1, the market completely ignored it. we will focus on what is going on in d.c. john boehner more optimistic a little earlier, just a hit. that is why we are slightly higher. liz: a procedural vote happening, neil cavuto live with everything you need at 8:00 eastern because that is when the vote will take place that the traders watch it and so is nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange, standing at a place that will be changing the ownership, intercontinental -- that has to be the topic.
with something on the job, charged with insider trading, faces 20 years in jail for actions he did while he was at sac capital, but this is a nuance, that's more than a nuance. here's what's going on. in addition to paying for that attorney, there is an agreement between the capital and the attorney charles stillman. what's this mean? this is interesting. what it does is that it means that any time there's a document request from the feds, goes what, cohen knows about it. any time, you know, that the feds bring in martoma, want to talk about him again, cohen knows about it. his attorneys know that if matthew does, indeed, flip, he's got the playbook of the government against him. this is a very key move in defending himself against what is obviously the feds' attempt to indict one of the biggest hedge fund manager, known as the greatest investor of -- at least in recent history. steve cohen is a master record that surpasses warren buffet. last 15 years returned, at least since 1996 we'll see, he's returned 25.5% after expenses. warren buffet has returned 8.6%. >> oh, so he's way up and abov
liberty media's cable channel, stars. netflix will be the subscription television service for live, action, and animated films. u.s. banks posted the best quarterly performance in six years. the fdic report banks posted a combined profit of more than $37.5 billion in the third quarter. that's a 6.6% increase from the same time last year. the number of banks on the agency's problem list also fell by 38 institutions down to $694. now we continue our countdown to the closing bill with liz claman. ♪ >> am i the only one who doesn't have a pandora account? half the population has an account. dennis kneale is matters if you are an active listener. dennis: i'm concerned with what investors think. it's a volatile stock. takesssuch a wild ride in response to whatever it does. now, it's expected to put up huge growth and sales today, but it won't start making money until it can pay less for the music it plays. pandora pays out half of the revenue for performance fees. last year, paid $3 million to songs, for drake, $3 million for lil' wayne raps, and cold play, so how much did old-fashion radio pa
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